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Changing the Game VCT Documentary – A Must-Watch for All Gamers

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“Nearly half the world’s gamers are female, but only few are making it in esports.” This opening line of Changing the Game sets the perfect tone for what isn’t just a documentary about an important VALORANT tournament, but also a key esports event.

The aptly named 38-minute film takes us behind the scenes of the 2022 VCT Game Changers season of VALORANT, featuring the best of the best marginalized and female players. Beyond showcasing some jaw-dropping plays and upsets, it also draws attention to the talented women who’ll one day take on the world’s heaviest of hitters in esports.

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What is the Documentary About

Changing the Game follows the top teams that participated in Game Changers in 2022. It’s an opportunity for us to look at these highly-skilled players in a backstage and an exclusive-feeling view, as they go about their quest to be crowned the world champions.

Though the tournament series in featured is the VCT Game Changers, it’s clear from the get-go that the film wants to emphasize that the goals of these players go far beyond it. They want to get to the main stage of international VALORANT competition, like the VCT Masters & Champions Tournaments, compete against Tier 1 teams, and to prove that there is no gender when it comes to esports.

And Changing the Game delivers and showcases this message perfectly.

Throughout its runtime, the documentary features some masterful plays, serving as true testaments to what these players are capable of. The most notable of these moments is the upset of a result that came from the match between Cloud9 White and G2 Gozen.

The former were a favorite to win the whole event due to their dominant performance in the NA region. However, G2 Gozen turned a 1-0 into a 1-2 through a brilliant display of skill and strategy, knocking Cloud9 White out of the series and showing that you’ve got to be more than just proven in your own region, talented, and confident. You have to be a champion.

Which Players Are Featured

Though a VALORANT team is more than just one player, Changing the Game puts the spotlight on specific players, each with their own unique perspectives and motivations.

First up, we meet Cloud9 White meL, a half-Indonesian US player who’s also the leader of her squad. At first blush, her attitude feels cocky, full of bravado but once you learn more about her background, you get the full picture of what can only be described as a vibrant VALORANT player who’s out to shake things up.

“We want to be at Champs, we want to be at Masters, we want to be competing at these insane tournaments among the best players in the world not just the best Game Changers.”

– meL, Cloud9 White

Her personality is highly contrasted when we move on to mimi, a humble Danish player for G2 Gozen. Despite the documentary placing particular emphasis on her individual talent and skill, mimi’s entire gamer philosophy is about teamwork.

“What’s important is that we win as a team.”

– mimi, G2 Gozen

Needless to say, we’re especially excited to follow her career.

Beyond the above, we meet other massively talented players such as G2 Gozen’s Mary, who seems to play in a league of her own, X10 Sapphire’s JinNy, Team Liquid’s Brazilian player Daiki, who chose her name as part of a personal aspiration to be a high-value person and won over our hearts by kissing her teammates foreheads after their loss.

Why It’s a Must-Watch

Changing the Game may be about VALORANT but the topic it shines a light on runs deeper than a single game. Esports fans cannot help but feel at the moment that the space is male-dominant, regardless of what game you look at. Tournaments and events like Game Changers, though, provide an opportunity for women and marginalized genders to show that it doesn’t and shouldn’t be that way.

By coupling these players’ pro-level skills to their personal motivations and gaming origins, Changing the Game emphasizes that they’re just as strong and inspiring as their male counterparts and the best should always deserve spots on the Tier 1 teams – no matter their gender or identity.

Watch the documentary now!

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