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New VALORANT Skin Bundle: Radiant Entertainment Systems “Arcade” Collection Inspired By Retro Pixel Games

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VALORANT has released a trailer for the new skin bundle coming in Episode 6 Act 3!

This new cosmetic collection is inspired by retro pixel arcade games;

  • Bazooka Badger
  • Dance Fever
  • and, K.nock O.ut!!

Check out the Radiant Entertainment Systems “Arcade” Collection Bundle trailer now!

For the fans of arcade and pixel games, this bundle is not at all a dissapointment! Riot continues to take skins to a new level! There are many iconic skins that have shaped what we think is possible visually and audibly for weapon skins; the Elderflame skin, Glitchpop’s finisher in the sky, the Ion and Oni’s VFX, the Zedd’s inspect music, and more come to mind. This new “Arcade” collection fits right in as a cornerstone skinline.

Check out what Riot had to say about creating this skin!

When does the “Arcade” bundle get released?

The Radiant Entertainment Systems or the “Arcade” bundle will be released on April 24, 2023 with Episode 6 Act 3.

What weapons are included in the “Arcade” bundle?

CC: Riot Games

This bundle includes the following weapons and each comes with three variants, repesenting the retro arcade games;

  • Phantom
    • Bazooka Badger Phantom
    • Dance Fever Phantom
    • K.nock O.out!! Phantom
  • Bulldog
    • Bazooka Badger Bulldog
    • Dance Fever Bulldog
    • K.nock O.out!! Bulldog
  • Operator
    • Bazooka Badger Operator
    • Dance Fever Operator
    • K.nock O.out!! Operator
  • Ghost
    • Bazooka Badger Ghost
    • Dance Fever Ghost
    • K.nock O.out!! Ghost
  • and, Melee – Power Fist
    • Bazooka Badger Power Fist
    • Dance Fever Power Fist
    • K.nock O.out!! Power Fist

What sprays, player cards and buddies are included in the “Arcade” bundle?

  • Bazooka Badger Player Card
  • Bazooka Badger Spray
  • Bazooka Badger Gun Buddy
  • Dance Fever Player Card
  • Dance Fever Spray
  • Dance Fever Gun Buddy
  • K.nock O.ut!! Player Card
  • K.nock O.ut!! Spray
  • K.nock O.ut!! Gun Buddy

How much will the “Arcade” bundle cost?

The “Arcade” bundle is going to cost 11,900 VP.

Each weapon will cost 2975 VP, the melee will cost 5950 VP, the sprays and cards will cost 375 VP, and the gun buddy will cost 475 VP.

This is the most expensive bundle to-date at 1,200 VP more than the previously most expensive being the Zedd x Spectrum bundle costing 10,700 VP.

Player’s have been complaining about the rising cost of skins and this will certainly come with backlash. However, this skin line is, in our opinion, the most robust as each variant is basically an entirely new / different skin. It’s not just a different color variant, each variant has different VFX, different finishers, different looks to the skin it’s self entirely, and more.

With that said, if we are going to have this be the most expensive skin, at least we can see that it probably took the most development and creative work yet and it’s almost like getting three skins in one bundle.

Unique Details About The Radiant Entertainment Systems Bundle

The Ghost Inspect

When you inspect the Ghost on any variant from this bundle, the agent clicks the D-pad and buttons in a particular order, “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start”. This is referred to as the “Konami Code”.

The Konami code was a cheat code created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto, a developer at Konami Games for testing purposes by developers but was first left in the open release for a game called “Genius”. The code became more widely known after the game “Contra” came out in 1987, and so it’s also referred to as “Contra Code”.

You can even hear brim say the Konami Code in the skinline trailer.

Valorant Has Been Hinting At This “Arcade” Bundle

Arcade Themed Night Market

The latest Night Market release in April 2023, featured an arcade room in the background. The arcade clearly features machines for Dance Fever and K.nock O.ut!!

Additonally, we can see an arcade machine for Octo Attack III.

April 2023 Night Market Arcade Themed

Pixel Gaming Trend – The Pixel Player Card

The “Pixel Moments” player card released in the Episode 6 Act 2 Battlepass served as a hint towards this bundle being on trend with pixel gaming.

Pixel Moments Player Card Valorant

Recreational Arcade Room On Fracture

Did you know there is a hidden room in the map Fracture? Conveniently, the hidden room is located off the area of the map called “Arcade” that also features pixelated art of the Tactibear.

The room seems to literally be an arcade, with arcade machines, table and chairs with an empty pizza box on it, a TV, and a sofa, for lounging and gaming.

We originally learned about this room from a reddit user back in 2021, and the room featured Bazooka Badger arcade machines then:

Since then, the room has had even more added to it. We are not sure exactly when this room got updated, but we imagine it was either at the time Gekko was added to the game, or after, maybe even in the latest patch, patch 6.07.

This room reminds us of the room in the new skin trailer, where Gekko is cleaning it up and ultimately turns it into a game room we see him and Brim hanging out in.

The room also features arcade machines Octo Attack III, Tower Assault, Trash Bots, and Tacti Surf in addition to the Bazooka Badger arcade machines.

We also see what seems to be a gaming console reminiscent of a PlayStation console set up near the TV. This console is branded with the Kingdom logo.

The Roti Boatie On Breeze

The Roti Boatie in Mid on Breeze has featured two arcade machines of Bazooka Badger since it was released in April of 2021.

Bazooka Badger Arcade Machines in Mid On Breeze

The Roti Boatie in Mid On Breeze

The Valorant GO Shop On Split

The Valorant GO Shop in Defenders’ Spawn on Split features two Dance Fever arcade machines. This shop did not always have these machines, and we also believe these were recently added around the same time as when the updates happened to the Fracture Arcade Room.

Bazooka Badger Arcade Machine In Brim’s Office

A Bazooka Badger arcade machine was also added to Brimstone’s Office underneath the Practice Shooting Range on The Range.

It’s no coincidence that this is the game that would be in Brim’s office. As we saw in the skin line trailer, Brim is #1 on the Hall of Fame Scoreboard for Bazooka Badger by a long shot and he knows the Konoma Code, a true gamer.

Bazooka Badger Arcade Machine in Brim's Office In The Range

What Variant Will You Choose?

We’re very excited to snag this bundle and can’t decide what variant is our favorite. They are all so good that the new rotate feature is probably getting turned on for this! Let us know your favorite variant in the comments.

Also, we are left with some questions here. All of these other games, like Octo Attack III, Tower Assault, and Tacti Surf, that aren’t featured in this bundle have us speculating…

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