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The Ultimate VALORANT Glossary: Terms & Slang Every Player Should Know

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What’s up, Gamers! Welcome to the ultimate glossary of VALORANT terms! Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this comprehensive reference is here to help you navigate the VALORANT lingo like a pro.

Valorant Terminology

Term / SlangDefinitionCategory
AceWhen one player kills every player on the enemy teamGameplay
AFKAway From Keyboard or Keys, meaning not playingCommunication
ADSStands for aiming down sightsGameplay
Anti-ecoRefers to buying weapons to try to keep a lead over a team that is resorting to savingGameplay
BombSynonymous with “Spike”Gameplay
BunnyhopAn advanced technique that allows you to mix up your movement and move slightly faster than sprinting by buffering your jumps and air strafingMovement
BuyRefers to the decisions teams make in relation to buying guns and managing their economyGameplay
Full-buyWhen your team is able to buy to be fully equippedGameplay
Force buyWhen your team is close to losing or the sides are close to switching so you spend the rest of your remaining credits and buy what you can. It is sort of a risky hail mary attempt to win that roundGameplay
Half-buyWhen your team chooses to buy but can’t afford a full-buy and it isn’t a force buy, you should have enough credits saved to full-buy the next roundGameplay
CalloutRefers to indicating a place on a map by a particular name, such as “Heaven” or “Elbow”Communication
CampTo defensively hold an area for a long time, waiting for an enemy rather than seeking them out, usually in a tight corner that an enemy may not clearStrategy
CDShortened version for “cooldown”Gameplay
Clear / Clear cornersThroughouly checking all possible corners or angles that enemies could beStrategy
Clear / Clear siteWhen the attackers thoroughly check the site before planting the spike to decrease the chance of a hidden defender sneaking upon themStrategy
ClutchWhen the last player alive wins the round, usually when the odds of winning are against them.Gameplay
CounterstrafeAn advanced firing technique that allows you to shoot accurately if you simultaneously fire when you strafe in the opposite directionGameplay
CTA term that has been brought over from Counterstrike, referring to “counter terrorists” which are equivalent to Valorant defenders. CT is referring to the defenders side of the map.Map Terminology
CubbyRefers to a part of the map with a deep corner that players can hide and peek from behindMap Terminology
CrossfireWhen two teammates position and fire so they are on opposite sides of an enemy between themStrategy
DefaultWhen you’re on the attacking side and your team plays a neutral/non-committal strategy to gain information and/or look for picksStrategy
DinkRefers to a headshot that doesn’t kill an enemy, usually used to indicate that the target is close to dyingGameplay
Double upTo position with an ally to set yourself up for a trade or to stack a site with an additional defender when there is usually oneStrategy
DropRefers to buying a teammate a gun (or dropping them one you have)Gameplay
FlickTo quickly move your crosshair and shoot, usually killing a target with a single shotGameplay
Eco/eco roundWhen a team chooses to save credits in order to have the ability to full buy during the following roundStrategy
EntryThe player or agent who will enter site first to take space.Role
Entry fraggerThe player or agent who looks to initiate the fight when attacking by entering first and getting the opening killRole
Exit fragBefore a bomb detonates, players will often run away so they can survive and save their guns. Looking for exit frags means to position yourself so you can kill these players rather than trying to defuse (usually done in 1v4 or 1v5 situations)Strategy
FlankerA player (usually a defender) who sneaks around to attack the enemy team from behindStrategy
Flank“Behind”. If your teammate asks you to cover flank, they want you to watch your backs for an enemy who may be trying to come from behind your team.Map Terminology
FlashShort for “flashbang” often used in reference to specific abilities that, like a flash bang grenade would, blind players with brightness.Utility
FlawlessWhen a team wins a round by killing all enemies and doesn’t suffer any casualtiesGameplay
FragRefers to a killGameplay
GLHFGood luck have funCommunication
GHGood halfCommunication
HeadshotWhen a shot hits an opponent in the head, dealing significantly more damageGameplay
Heaven / TowerRefers to the high ground on a map, often located above a site or a specific areaMap Terminology
HP/health pointsThe amount of health a player hasGameplay
LurkerThe player or agent who takes a separate path from the rest of the team and tries to catch the enemy off guardRole
MetaThe current state of the game and what strategies, agents, and weapons are considered strong or popularGameplay
One ShotRefers to when an enemy player will only take one shot to the body to kill them because their health is so low.Communication
One-tapRefers to killing an enemy with a single shotGameplay
OPShort for Operator, which is a sniper rifle in ValorantWeapon
Jump PeekA strategic maneuver and technique where a player quickly jumps out and back cover in order to peek an angle to gain information, bait out shots from enemies, and more while minimizing the risk of getting hit. It is very hard to shoot someone jump peeking, because it is very fast and sometimes only a small portion of their body is revealed.Movement
Shoulder PeekA technique used by players to get information about enemy positions or bait out shots and utility from opponents while minimizing the risk of taking damage. It involves briefly exposing only a small portion of the player’s body, typically just the shoulder, to peek around a corner or angleMovement
Jiggle PeekA technique used by players to gather information, bait out shots, or engage in quick exchanges with opponents while minimizing the risk of taking damage. It involves rapidly peeking out from cover for a very short duration, usually just exposing a small portion of the player’s body, and then quickly returning to cover. This movement is similar to counterstrafing, so jiggle peek shooting can be extremely accurate and get picks.Movement
PeekTo quickly expose yourself to see or engage enemiesGameplay
Plant/plantingRefers to the action of planting the spike/bomb at a siteGameplay
RotateWhen a player or the entire team moves from one site or position to another, often in response to new information or the spike’s locationStrategy
PickRefers to getting a kill on an isolated enemy before any significant engagement or team fight occurs. Picks create an advantage for the team who get them.Gameplay
DuoDuo referes to two players who are queued together. It emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration between two players.Gameplay
Knife Out RunRefers to running with your knife out to move as fast as you possibly can. The call to do this should mean the location of all enemies is known and you can safely move, usual rotate, with your knife out and not have to clear corners.Movement
Knife OutRefers to moving with your knife out. When your knife is out you move faster than with a weapon out.Movement
Shift walk / WalkRefers to moving silently, which with standard controls is the shift button plus your movement keys.Movement
Solo queueTo play alone without a pre-made team or anyone else in your partyCommunication
SprayWhen a player continuously fires their weapon, controlling the recoil to hit the target. Or this is refering to the spray paint players can use pre, mid and post round.Gameplay
StuckRefers to the situation where a player is unable to move or escape, usually due to an ability but can be used in the context of not being able to move because an enemy is holding the angle of their exit with an advantage.Strategy
T-sideT is short for terrorists, a term that has been brought over from Counterstrike, which are equivalent to Valorant attackers. Refers to the attacker’s side of the map.Map Terminology
TagTo deal damage to an opponent without killing themGameplay
Trade killWhen one player gets killed, and their teammate immediately kills the enemy who killed them in returnGameplay
UltRefers to a player’s ultimate abilityGameplay
UtilityRefers to the abilities and tools used by agents, such as smokes, flashes, or healingGameplay
WallbangTo shoot through a wall to damage or kill an enemy on the other sideGameplay
Win conditionsThe objectives or criteria needed to win a round or a matchGameplay
DogRefers to Fade’s Prowler or Skye’s Trailblazer abilityUtility
Ninja DefuseRefers to defusing the bomb by masking the audio cue of the defuse start with another sound or ability at the same timeGameplay
NTNice tryCommunication
NTNTOr, NTNTNTNTNTNTNT, means really nice tryCommunication
GGGood gameCommunication
GJGood jobCommunication
NSNice shotCommunication
LineupRefers to tactful use of certain agents’ abilities where they “line” themselves up in a particular place on the map in order to throw their utility in a specific spot. Example: Brim or Viper may have a mollie lineup to throw their mollie on the bomb just in time, while under cover, making it impossible for the enemy team to defuse. Example: Sova may have a lineup for throwing his shock darts, in order to time them both to land at the same time on an enemy’s position, resulting in a double shock dart kill.Strategy
RushTo run in at the enemy without stopping, usually a full team push. This strategy is an attempt to overwhelm the other team and throw them offguard. It’s usually a play from attackers attempting to take a site, hoping to overwhelm the usually onlyone or two players “holding” site.Strategy

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