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VALORANT 6.07 Patch Notes: Bind Is Back With Changes, Agents Get Updated & More

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VALORANT patch 6.07 was released on 4/11/2023.

Patch 6.07 brings exciting changes as Bind returns earlier than expected. This patch introduces significant updates to the map, along with adjustments to Sova‘s Recon Bolt. Additionally, there are notable modifications to the UI indicators and improvements to the AFK/queue dodging interventions system. Let’s dive into the full patch notes!

GamerGirl.GG’s Patch 6.07 TL;DR:

  • Bind is back with some changes:
    • B Long to A Lobby Teleporter has moved closer to shower.
    • Triple on A Site has even more boxes.
    • There are more angles to hold for attackers and defenders on A Site.
    • Various doorways on both sites have been widened.
    • There is a new window high on the wall from B Hall to B Site.
  • Sova’s recon has some visual differences but no changes to lineups, how it works, or the ability its self. Enemy players may find it easier to see and deal with.
  • Greater “penalties” in place for frequent AFK’ers and queue dodgers, from ranked restrictions to higher RR loses.

Full VALORANT 6.07 Patch Notes, Map Changes, Agent Updates, Player Behavior Updates & Bug Fixes

6.07 Agent Updates & Changes


  • Sova’s Recon Bolt (E) correctly appears with Bloom (a graphic setting that makes things brighter) turned off.
  • Improved visibility of Sova’s Recon Bolt scanning VFX.
  • Increased size of Sova’s Recon Bolt model to match its hitbox. This change does not effect lineups or how the aarow hits/bounces off of objects and surfaces. 

Agents’ UI Indicators Update

Many agents’ abilities had changes to their UI indicators in order to be more consistent with other agent abilities.

  • Reyna‘s Leer (C) no longer displays the yellow indicator.
  • KAY/O‘s FRAG/ment (C) now features a critical danger indicator.
  • Skye‘s Seekers (X) no longer has yellow indicators.
  • Killjoy‘s Alarmbot (E) no longer has yellow indicators.
  • Chamber‘s Trademark (C) no longer displays the yellow indicator.

Bind Returns In Patch 6.07 With Changes

  • Moved the B Long to A Lobby teleporter exit to just outside A Bath (Showers), where as before it was on the same wall but further away.
    • This makes the rotate from B Long to A Site much faster and easier to get the plant down before the enemy team rotates, or to close in on enemies who planted on A much faster than rotating through defender’s spawn.
  • Adjusted A Lobby since the teleporter was moved.
  • Widened both doorways in A Bath (Showers). The A Lobby to A Bath and A Bath to A Site doorways.
  • Adjusted Radianite crates (Triple), added a barrel, and modified the back wall on A Site.
    • This extension to Triple actually makes it easier to segment off sections of site for attackers or even defenders with their abilities. It also provides even more coverage for attackers planting and defenders holding, although these boxes are shootable.
    • The barrel, which looks like a trash can, can be stood on, and you can peak over the boxes placed on triple to hold A Main. This trash can creates a new angle that you will need to clear or be aware of when entering A Site.
  • Adjusted Radianite crates (Triple), added a barrel, and modified the back wall on A Site.
    • This change extends the angle to hold against those rotating through defenders spawn to A Site.
  • Widened Defender Spawn to B Site doorway.
  • Added a utility window from B Site to B Hall.
    • We will probably see new lineups used through this window and flashes thrown out of here for retake or to blind those in hall hanging around Elbow.

General Updates

  • Visual updates to the in-game UI indicators (the yellow and red UI that appear when utility is around you or you are taking/about to take damage).
  • Added a small animation to the Yellow Directional Indicator.

Player Behavior Updates In Patch 6.07

In this patch, Riot focused on addressing player participation issues by enhancing our interventions system. Specifically, they made the following updates regarding AFK behavior and queue dodging:

  1. Increased Ranked Rating Loss: To discourage repeated ranked queue dodging, they have raised the amount of Ranked Rating loss associated with this behavior. Players who frequently dodge matches will now face more significant consequences.

  2. One-Day Ranked Bans: In response to excessive AFK behavior, we have introduced a one-day ranked restriction for individuals who frequently exhibit this conduct. This measure is aimed at promoting fair and engaging gameplay experiences for all players.

Learn more about these changes in the latest health systems update from Riot.

6.07 Bug Fixes

Agent Bug Fixes

  • Projectiles will now reset their blue travel trail when teleporting, removing the line that connects from teleporter to teleporter. This trail will only be visible to allies.

Gameplay Systems Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a bug where Agents were able to drop both primary and secondary weapons while planting or defusing the Spike.
  • Fixed an issue on the minimap where teleport abilities could unintentionally reveal an Agent’s out-of-sight minimap location during instances of packet loss.
  • Resolved an issue where some players’ outline/fresnel effects were still displayed even when the “Hide Outlines and Fresnel” setting was enabled.
  • Rectified a previously fixed bug (in version 3.10) that resurfaced, causing the outgoing packet send rate to be lower than intended for game clients running at a frame rate above 128 FPS.
  • Fixed issues with vision cones of vertical wall-type abilities (such as Phoenix’s Blaze (C), Viper’s Toxic Screen (E), and Harbor’s High Tide (E)) causing flickering or distortion on the minimap.

Social Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the social panel in the in-game options screen would sometimes get stuck open, particularly when navigating between the social panel and the options screen.
  • Addressed a bug where entering an English word as the first word in a chat message while using the Arabic in-game language would break the right-to-left format standard of Arabic text.

These bug fixes aim to improve the overall gameplay experience and ensure that agents, gameplay systems, and social features function as intended, enhancing the stability and enjoyment of matches in VALORANT.

Jump into the game, explore the updated map, adapt your strategies, and enjoy a smoother gameplay experience in VALORANT. GLHF, Agents!

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