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What Does Top Fragging and Bottom Fragging Mean In VALORANT?

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Fragging is a term you’ll often when gaming, particularly FPS games, like VALORANT. But, what is fragging or what does frag truly mean? In this article, we will cover what fragging, top fragging, and bottom fragging means, why fragging is important but why bottom fragging shouldn’t be a cause for concern, team dynamics, and being an effective player for your team.

What Is Fragging, Top Fragging, And Bottom Fragging?

To frag means to kill. Fragging means killing.

Top fragging in VALORANT means you are getting the most kills on your team, or even compared to all players in that match. Top frag is what you would call this person.

Bottom fragging in VALORANT means you are getting the least amount of kills on your team, or compared to all players in that match depending on the context. Bottom frag is how you would refer to that person.

Why Top Fragging Is Important

In VALORANT, the objective is to plant the spike when you’re attacking and make sure the enemy team can’t defuse the bomb before it blows up. When you’re defending, your job is to stop the enemy team from planting the bomb or you must defuse it before time runs out. Alternatively, on either side, you can kill the entire enemy team before they (or you) ever plant the bomb to win the round.

Having the highest number of kills on your team or compared to other players on the enemy team can provide an edge in terms of kills and objectives, ultimately leading to victory. Fragging out can equal winning.

Top-fragging in VALORANT is not only a great way to showcase your skills and win rounds by eliminating enemies, but it can also boost your own morale and confidence and your team’s. It can be an important indicator of skill, especially for duelists, who are expected to secure kills and engage the enemy team.

Teamplay, however, is the key factor in team dynamics, and top fragging alone won’t guarantee success. It is essential to work together with your teammates to achieve objectives and win the match, which involves effective communication, strategy, and coordination.

So, while top fragging can be a valuable asset, it’s crucial to remember that it’s just one aspect of a successful team.

Team Dynamics and Top Fragging

Top fragging can have both positive and negative effects on team dynamics. On one hand, it can help enhance teamwork by providing an edge in kills and objectives, ultimately contributing to victory. On the other hand, it can lead to toxic behavior and a lack of teamwork if not managed properly. As a top fragger, it’s important to ensure a positive team dynamic and focus on the overall success of the team.

Top fraggers sometimes begin to put pressure on the bottom fraggers to get more kills, and they end up bullying their teammates. This will never help you win a game. You will either get your bottom fraggers to shut down entirely, become toxic back, make them play outside of their comfort zone in the worst way, and probably stop focusing on what they are good at. Instead, keep fragging out and try coordinating plays and abilities with your bottom fraggers so they can set you up and your plays ultimately set them up!

KDA Over Fragging

Not only should you be seeking to get kills, you should be seeking a better KDA, or Kills to Deaths to Assists ratio. Even if you are getting a lot of kills, if you die every time you get a pick, that is not always impactful (it can be, but not always). If you are dying you are giving frags to the enemy team, which you don’t want. Your team needs you more for than just shooting, they need your abilities to be used as well to secure the round. If you die before you used those to help your team, then your one kill and you dying was most likely not impactful.

Winning Rounds Over Fragging

Focus on winning the round! Sounds simple, but often you will see people go for a kill when they could have hidden or played more time to let the bomb run out. Instead, they will peak and throw the round by dying. Some players may feel pressure to get the kill to boost themself up on the leaderboard and end up giving up the round to the other team.

On the flip side, some players won’t take space or run plays if they think they might die and not frag out. They don’t want to ruin or hurt their position on the leaderboard and don’t realize how impactful the play might be even if they don’t get a kill. Playing too timid can not only make you lose the round, but it also won’t help you frag out either! Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself (especially as a duelist) in order to create space for your team, get map control by defaulting or playing flank alone, and taking a calculated and coordinated peak.

Why Bottom Fragging Shouldn’t Matter

To be clear, bottom fragging does not mean a horrible KDA. Being the bottom fragger also doesn’t mean you have bad aim. The bottom fragger is simply the person with the least kills. You could even have the best KDA on your team, and still be at the bottom of the in-match leaderboard. You could be the most impactful player on your team as the bottom frag.

While it may seem like a negative aspect of your gameplay, it’s essential to recognize that bottom fragging can actually help your team by providing a balanced approach to the game. It’s not that you are not trying to get kills, but you are focusing on different aspects of the game, such as using your utility, supporting your teammates, and making calls. This can be crucial for winning rounds.

Depending on what agent you are playing you probably shouldn’t be solely trying to frag. For example, you shouldn’t be trying to frag out as a Sage. You should be trying to stay alive to use your wall and heal to help your teammates. Getting your kills when you do engage with an enemy is equally important though because your role is surviving (and winning)!

Remember, you can win a round for your team without getting a single kill. Maybe you smoked site, got information for the rest of your team, planted the bomb (or ninja-defused it), or played time well enough to win! All without getting any kills.

Watch what Shroud has to say about bottom fragging:

Bottom Fraggers Playing Effectively

To be an effective player without fragging out, you should focus on using your utility, supporting your teammates, making calls, trying to understand where the enemy is, what utility they have used, and more. This means using your abilities to provide information, setting up defensive or offensive positions, and providing support to teammates when they need it, whether swinging with them, coordinating your utility together, and more – it’ll make a big difference in your overall impact on the game.

Who Should Top Frag?

It’s essential for players to know their role and fulfill its needs to the best of their ability. This includes understanding the different agent classes and adapting to their respective playstyles, as well as coordinating with teammates to achieve objectives and win rounds consistently. By keeping these factors in mind, you can make a significant impact on your team’s success, whether you are at the top of the scoreboard or the bottom.

The Duelist’s role is to entry (be the first to enter), take and create space, and frag out.

Duelists are self-sufficient fraggers who their team expects, through abilities and skills, to get high frags and seek out engagements first.” – Official Duelist Description In VALORANT

With that said, Duelists should be the top frags in your matches. However, if you are running solo Duelist as long as they entry, get information, and help create space for the team, then they did their job (assuming they are comm’ing and coordinating the entry with their teammates). Not being top frag as a Duelist doesn’t always mean you are not being impactful.

Next to top frag will probably be your more “active” playstyle agents or those who can flash, blind, reveal, concuss, teleport, etc. Agents who have utility or abilities that can be used to set themselves up for kills, clear corners, and more. This would be agents like KAY/O, Skye, Fade, Omen, and Chamber, for example. These agents have better odds at getting kills in 1v1s compared to an agent like Sage.

Who Should Bottom Frag?

Usually, your bottom frags will consist of your Sentinels, Controllers, and more passive playstyle Initiators. It is important for these agents to stay alive and not ego peak, as their abilities can heal teammates, help control sites and keep space throughout the map with smokes/walls, traps/trips, and information-gathering abilities.

Get Ready To Make An Impact (And Win!)

In VALORANT, top fragging showcases individual skill and can contribute to winning rounds, but it should not overshadow the importance of teamwork and objective-based gameplay. Players should prioritize a balanced KDA, focus on winning rounds, and understand that bottom fragging does not diminish one’s contribution to the team. By consciously being impactful through utility usage, support, and strategic decision-making, you can elevate your gameplay and increase their overall effectiveness in the game.

Fun Fact:

Where Did The Term Frag Come From?

Outside of gaming, to frag means to kill someone deliberately with a hand grenade (or a fragmentation bomb). The term fragging started during the Vietnam War when soldiers were murdering their superiors and other fellow soldiers, who they felt were not making the best decisions or were putting others at risk, by throwing hand grenades into their sleeping quarters.

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